The proof of your ability to lead others is found in your ability to lead yourself. Living a successful life requires a certain degree of leadership, not matter what lifestyle you may choose. Victory Gap Year’s graduate programme provides a productive environment for students to stretch their leadership capacity and grow their area of responsibility. Primarily focusing on furthering your education and gaining practical experience, students will complete a degree of their choice whilst practically serving in one of the ministries at Victory Church. We facilitate a healthy environment where you will be challenged in your strengths and encouraged in your weaknesses in order to continue growing in your gifting.


To develop the tools and teachings given in first year, and provide an environment for their practical application. The graduate programme also provides an ideal learning environment where we help facilitate students through their tertiary education.


1. Spiritual growth – students will build on the Biblical foundation from their first year by becoming a mentoring leader and helping first year students on their spiritual journey.

2. Leadership development – students will be given numerous leadership responsibilities. The way they handle these responsibilities will be practical learning tools to develop and teach them leadership. What they do with their responsibilities will also become a benchmark by which we can assess their level of maturity, leadership and character. To those who are excelling, more responsibility will be given.

3. Tertiary studies – students will enroll at any online institution to study any course or degree of their choice.

4. Practical ministry – students will engage in practical ministries that will assist them in reaching their core outcomes and gain valuable experience in the field they are studying.


The second year program creates an opportunity to apply the Kingdom principles that was taught in first year. In an environment of mature leaders where relationship is encouraged there is no excuses for failing to instil these principles. In my second year I commenced with my first year of studies in the area of Psychology. You are also presented with the opportunity to pursue your passion and area of purpose by taking up a practical ministry. After completing my first year I was gripped with a desire to lead a lifestyle of worship, and second year proved to be a time of growth in that area. I served alongside a fellow second year student by taking over running the Church’s coffee shop. This proved significant because it paved the way for future second years to utilize the coffee shop as a means of raising funds for the annual international outreach.

An extension of first year is relationship with peers. Dealing with confrontation and learning to come to agreement to settle differences in a mature manner. The second year program enforces growth. With plentiful opportunity of attaining responsibility and leadership your character is tested to the limit. Ultimately my second year can be summarized in one word. Purposeful. I was given a momentum to pursue what God has purposed for me, combined with life skills that will definitely be to my advantage wherever I find myself in the future.

Sabestian Fontein (Knysna, SA)
Sabestian Fontein (Knysna, SA)Leadership Academy 2014

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