The LEADERSHIP STREAM is about helping the next generation of leaders find their area of influence. We aim to release leaders with both character and competence into all spheres of society to advance the Kingdom of God.

Leaders are those who realize their potential and continually seek ways to better themselves in order to successfully influence the people around them. They are found in all areas of society; they are the pioneers, the frontrunners, the ground breakers. With the Leadership stream, we are passionate about developing and equipping the next generation of leaders. As a young leader, you are invited take up the challenge, to step into your potential, and live your life of influence.


I came from Manchester to Gap Year in 2014 with a very warped idea about Christianity, leadership, and servanthood. I came in anticipation to prove that I was a Christian by helping in Africa and prove I was a leader by shouting the loudest and doing the least. Safe to say I very quickly came to realize that I was going to have to change the way I think. Throughout the curriculum and the initiatives we did in order to raise funds for our Zambia outreach I came to understand that I needed to look at the way I conduct myself when in a team, when leading a team, and just leading myself. Many of the lessons I learnt in LA are still being taught to become habit and I’m learning to walk and live out the principles of Leadership I learnt in 2014. I think that one of the biggest and most valuable lesson I learnt was the power of encouragement. The shift that comes just from the words we use and what we speak to members of the team and what we speak about the task we’re doing changes the dynamic and the outcome, every time.

Joel Delaney (UK)
Joel Delaney (UK)Leadership Academy 2014


All 3 of the Victory Gap Year specific streams go through the Victory Gap Year core programme, which lays a sturdy Biblical foundation in the lives of our students. These core subjects and activities expose them to life-changing learning experiences and establish a Biblical worldview. The core programme covers subjects  concerning the foundations of the Christian faith, understanding the ways of the Kingdom of God, as well as your identity as a son or daughter in that  Kingdom. The programme also includes other activities for the purpose of team and character building, as well as being part of and serving our Victory Church family.



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