The LEADERSHIP STREAM is about helping the next generation of leaders find their area of influence. We aim to release leaders with both character and competence into all spheres of society to advance the Kingdom of God.

Leaders are those who realize their potential and continually seek ways to better themselves in order to successfully influence the people around them. They are found in all areas of society; they are the pioneers, the frontrunners, the ground breakers. With the Leadership stream, we are passionate about developing and equipping the next generation of leaders. As a young leader, you are invited take up the challenge, to step into your potential, and live your life of influence.


When I came to Jeffreys Bay, I stood in front of the doors of VGY; I had chosen Leadership Stream and as with all new things in life, I did not really know what to expect. I had been involved in leadership and thought of myself as an ‘alright’ leader, but what I learned this year turned my ‘leadership world’ upside down. I was exposed to a different kind of leadership: the type where people follow you not because they have to, but because they want to; that Leadership isn’t about position, but all about influence.

I would have the privilege of using this ‘influential leadership’ on the incredible Leadership Stream outreach to the Transkei. This was a great opportunity to use all of the leadership theory we had learnt and put it into practice… We had a blast and even though the preparations were challenging at times, all was forgotten, once we were there and realized what a positive impact we were making in people’s lives.

As I look back at the year, I do not have any regret in the choice that I made for Leadership Stream. The lessons I have learnt through the tough times and the memories I have gained through the great times, I will take with me for the rest of my life. I learnt that leadership is more than a big boss giving orders. it’s about selflessly sacrificing of yourself and using great tools to make people’s lives better through living a life of influence.

Ruben De Jong (RSA)
Ruben De Jong (RSA)Leadership Stream 2019


All 3 of the Victory Gap Year specific streams go through the Victory Gap Year core programme, which lays a sturdy Biblical foundation in the lives of our students. These core subjects and activities expose them to life-changing learning experiences and establish a Biblical worldview. The core programme covers subjects  concerning the foundations of the Christian faith, understanding the ways of the Kingdom of God, as well as your identity as a son or daughter in that  Kingdom. The programme also includes other activities for the purpose of team and character building, as well as being part of and serving our Victory Church family.



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