The MEDIA STREAM aims to adopt tomorrow’s platforms for today’s Kingdom purpose, providing experience across the broad span of the media spectrum while laying a solid Biblical foundation for life.

The media industry educates us, it updates us, the media entertains us, and it connects us. It shapes our identities and informs our attitudes. But at its foundation, media is only a tool to communicate a message; it is a very effective “how” to society’s “what”. The Media stream is passionate about both, introducing you to different fields of media and how to use them effectively within the Kingdom. One message influencing many through the lens of media.


I went into the gap year not knowing what to expect and not knowing that God had breakthrough in store for me. At the beginning of 2015, I really did not believe in myself as a person. I did not think I was good enough, and I always compared myself with other people.

During the year I experienced His Father heart, and His amazing love for me. I have found my identity firmly in God, and now know who I am in Him and the purposes He has for me. I am not scared to be myself and embrace my personality. I also realized that not everyone is going to like you in this life, but I adore the people that love me and influence me in a good way. And I am very proud to be a daughter of the King who gave me life.

Being part of The Media Academy, and me wanting to go in to the media industry, I really needed to accept that every artist is unique. I have found my true potentials and God has opened new creative doors for me. I really am grateful for the media team at Victory church and my mentors who motivated me to help me realise my potential.

San-Mari Mouton (Cape Town, SA)
San-Mari Mouton (Cape Town, SA)Media Academy 2015


All 3 of the Victory Gap Year specific streams go through the Victory Gap Year core programme, which lays a sturdy Biblical foundation in the lives of our students. These core subjects and activities expose them to life-changing learning experiences and establish a Biblical worldview. The core programme covers subjects  concerning the foundations of the Christian faith, understanding the ways of the Kingdom of God, as well as your identity as a son or daughter in that  Kingdom. The programme also includes other activities for the purpose of team and character building, as well as being part of and serving our Victory Church family.



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