We find ourselves in challenging, yet exciting times as musicians and artists. We’ve found so much liberty in the “Christian” circles that we’re in. We find ourselves being asked to reach a lost and dying world in a relevant way that will make the non-churchgoer perk up their ears.

I sense at times we can fight so hard to be relevant with regards to genres, stylistic approaches, as well as generationally relevant jargon, yet lose our focus on our relationship with Christ. We tend to keep up all appearances yet we lack the substance of His presence.

In a day and age where relevance becomes the goal over relationship, we should be alert in knowing what that “relevant” thing is that we strive for. It doesn’t equate to a genre or a cultural ideal, it’s not a generational trend or facade. The “sound of Heaven” is a term that is quickly thrown around in the church today. We all have a different take or approach on what genre it may be or what key signature it would present itself in. However, I believe that this sound of Heaven will be one of accurate relevance, something that is non-generational, non-denominational and not culture specific. This relevant sound of Heaven is the call of Christ-centered worship that resonates deeply within every artist’s heart. It does not seek to push an individual agenda, but seeks to do as John 12:32 says, “When I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people unto Myself.”

This relevant sound is not something that is
 “out there” or yet to be discovered.
It is releasing the sound of God’s Glory from within.

Is relevance evil then? No, not at all. But it cannot be at the forefront of what we bring. This is where we, as young millennials need to embrace process.

The means of bringing about God’s presence is not a once-off event, but a journey. And the destination is process.

I’ve realized that relevance is super attractive, and, sure we should all strive to speak the language of those that we are trying to impact and reach. However, I can’t help but think that sometimes it can be seen as being more obsessed with the wrapping paper than the gift itself.

Being relevant is not irrelevant either, but we as God’s people should be contending for so much more. That “feeling”, that “buzz”, isn’t reliant on a vocoder or latest synth. We need to realize that coming face to face with The Composer will change everything. Music is just the medium, a means to an end. His presence is relevant. That’s what I am trying to say. When you touch the presence of God, you touch the most relevant thing to date. That sound captures the heart of every generation, regardless of genre, stylistic preference, or cultural norm.

Neil Els

Head of Worship Stream

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