The world we are living in is changing rapidly. The traditional approach to a successful career path has been, “do well at school, go to university, secure a good job and stay there till you retire.” As we all know, this is no longer the case. Many people who have a good education can’t find a job, or the job that they have studied for has become obsolete.

A quality education is important, however, we are seeing numbers of young people finish school or university with good grades, but are still not ready for life. There are key missing ingredients in their lives; things like self-leadership, character, endurance, patience, problem-solving, emotional intelligence and many other key soft skills.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against education. (That’s why at VGY we facilitate degree programs for all our graduate students.) However, a degree should be seen as just one of the elements that will contribute to a holistic approach to developing the individual.

Here are some of the areas over and above quality education that I believe young people need for the journey:

1. Identity

Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and knowing who you really are at the core of your being is essential. So many people waste their lives trying to be something they are not. When we know who God says we are we can begin to align our lives with that true identity and cut through a lot of performance and wasted energy. Identity is a process, but that process needs to be engaged intentionally. The best place to do that is in a safe, but challenging environment where there are people who love you and can call you to your purpose.

2. Mentorship

When finding identity, it helps when young people have at least one mature person to come alongside them and guide them through this transition period in life. Without mature mentors by their side, encouraging them along the way they can easily feel overwhelmed. It is important that mentors help them stay focused on the bigger picture of life and what is truly important.

We need to equip our students
with a biblical worldview so that
they can engage real life.

Biblical Worldview

3. Biblical Worldview

The world we live in is very confused when it comes to values and absolute truth. We need to equip our students with a biblical worldview so that they can engage real life without being absorbed and confused by the philosophies of the world. We, therefore, need to lay solid biblical foundations by which they can filter the information that they are bombarded with daily.

4. Life and Leadership Skills

Life and leadership skills are one of the key missing elements of this generation. Yes, they may be able to upload the latest app and impress you with their skills to use technology, but that is not going to cut it when it comes to working with real people. As said earlier, emotional intelligence is essential to navigate marriage, healthy family life and building teams that work well together.

5. Purpose in the Kingdom

We all have just one life to live, and we want that life to count! When you understand your identity this will help you identify your purpose. And when you understand the Kingdom of God you will realise that God has given you a purpose to fulfil in the Kingdom that only you fulfil.

Therefore we want to help our students identify their purpose and destiny. Their specific sphere of influence whether it is business, education, media, politics, or music and send them with a mandate to advance the Kingdom of God!

Andre von Mollendorff

Andre von Mollendorff

Dean of Victory Gap Year

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