We’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to partner with VICTORY GAP YEAR as we Equip, Empower, and Send this generation of LEADERS to make an impact in any sphere of society they are called to.


We’ll reward you with a cash amount for every successful referral  you make.  

This means that for every successful referral, you will receive:

  • R750 per student (if you refer 1-5  students).
  • R1200 per student (if you refer 6-10 students).

*Terms and Conditions apply.


A “successful referral” is considered to be completed once the following criteria are met: 1) The “VGY partner” has registered by filling out the relevant form. 2) The unique Referral Code is given to the prospective student. 3) The prospective student adds the Referral Code in the relevant field when filling out the VGY Application form. 4) The prospective student pays the VGY Acceptance fee in FULL. Once all these criteria are met, VGY will pay the reward to the “partner”.