The WORSHIP stream is about equipping, empowering, and sending a new generation of musicians and artists to advance the Kingdom of God.

Worship is more than just a song; it is a way of thinking, it’s a way of believing, it is a way of living. We were created for worship. Living a life of worship means reflecting Christ within you to the people around you. In the Worship stream, we work to establish a new generation of worshipers to go out into any sphere of society and usher people into the presence of God. Pursue your passion for music. Cultivate your calling as an artist. Embrace a lifestyle of worship that will bring others into the Kingdom of God.


The outcomes for the WORSHIP stream are based on these key principles:

1. Worshipers finding their God given sound and song.

2. Embrace your true identity in God and grasp the powerful relationship between character and competence.

3. Influencing society and seeing it impacted by whole people who value skill and excellence in their craft.
4. Songwriting


My year at Worship Academy set the framework for many things for me as an individual. Coming into the year I was already at a level in worship from being in bands previously, but through the program I experienced a journey that was worth far more than just a music school, or a biblical gap year. Instead I encountered and faced the giants inside myself that were holding me back from freely worshipping and accepting myself. A golden thread was made clearer and clearer through the year even in all the things we did, band dynamics, meaning of worship in the bible, music lessons, song writing, collaborating sound projects, choir, and live performance that God was working on my identity. Through relationships with other musicians I faced my giants, insecurity, performance, fear of failure and comparison My character and true self being confronted through the whole year; God was more interested in my heart than my performance, or any knowledge I could attain, or any skill I could wield. Through an obedient response, I found myself a Canadian living and laying a year of my life down to live in South Africa, with tools and equipped with skills for my future. I entered into deeper relationship with people, I was set free, the song inside me was summoned out of me, I began to find myself; I continue to find myself, but I can say that through this program and God the Father I was released in confidence of who I am, a worshipper, a daughter of God with a song inside of her, sent into the world, and my future.

Rachel Pfuetzner (Canada)
Rachel Pfuetzner (Canada)Worship Academy 2015



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